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Hey Bieber Babes,

I thought I would show you my latest YouTube Videos.
I also love to support Usher, as well as Justin, by dancing to his music too. If you like my dancing style please leave me a comment, and look out for my next dance video by subscribing to my channel on YouTube, by typing in the YouTube search ‘BieberBabeFevr’.

Click the below links to check them out.

Bieber Babe Dancing to Usher OMG

Bieber Babe Dancing to Usher Yeah

Justin Bieber’s Water Glass


Hey Bieber Babes,

I had the BEST day today.
Some of you might not know but I won a water glass which Justin Bieber drank from while he was here in Sydney, through the Hot 30 Countdown on 2DayFM.

Charli and Pagey announced it as a competition about 1-2 weeks after Justin left Sydney, Australia.
I was on the radio that night, after just making a phone call to enter the competition. I guess, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

They were just going to deliver it once it was all professionally framed and everything, but after I met Justin Bieber in April, Charli and Pagey were there to interview each of us as we came out, and I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get a photo taken with both of them or an autograph. I hadn’t seen Charli since I was about 7 years old, when I liked Hi-5, so this was a very big deal to me.

We organised with them, to come into 2Day FM again to pick it up and to have some quality time with Charli and Pagey.
It took a while to organise it, but it was worth it in the end.
Even though Charli and Pagey are there nearly every night, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have time to talk to me.

So, on Tuesday 8th June 2010, a guy who organises the competitions at 2Day FM, gave my mum and I a call and said that we could come in on Thursday 10th April 2010 at 3:30pm.

My mum ended off just giving me a day off from school because we had plenty to do in the morning anyway, before we headed off into the city into 2Day FM.

While I was waiting at the reception desk, Pagey just walked in, like anyone would, walking into work. He swiped his access card to go behind the glass into the offices. I could see Pagey walk halfway in and started talking to Charli.
They both headed out and gave me big hugs. I loved it.

My mum took plentyof pictures of us 3 and there was even a professional photographer that came out to take pictures once they gave me the water glass.
Now, it took about 2 months for the frame of the water glass to be done, and I started wondering ‘Why is it taking so long?’ I thought it was just going to be a perspex frame around the glass, but it was so much more than that, and I am so glad it was.
They went through so much time and effort into making the frame and everything spectacular. They even found my picture with Justin and placed it in there.
It wasn’t just the water glass.

I also got Charli and Pagey to sign 3 photos of them with Justin. One for me, one for the winner of my SIGNED Justin Bieber CD, and the third to one lucky viewer on my website. To win, just watch out for a new post soon about how you can win this exclusive-rare signed photo of Charli and Pagey from Hot 30 Countdown.

Signed Charli & Pagey (with Justin Bieber) photo

Someone working at 2Day FM helped us carry it down to our car. They wrapped the frame up really well to protect it, and removed the glass from the frame and wrapped it up separately to place into a separate box. The masterpiece was safely in my arms 🙂

Except meeting Justin, it was one of the best days of my life. Unlike meeting Justin, I got to take away a piece of him, and photos with my other role models.
Check out the photos below.

[nggallery id=8]

Australian Justin Bieber Website


Lozza & Justin Bieber

Hi Bieber Babes. My name is Lozza. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am 21 years old and

I am a HUGE Justin Bieber fan.

My goal is to make Justin’s music #1 each and every time. But I need YOUR help. To do this, I made this website dedicated to everything Justin, where we can all keep up to date with what Justin is doing, and connect with each other.

So, if you are a Bieber Babe, explore this website, and leave a comment.

I made this website because I was so sick of having to go to heaps of websites just to find out about one thing.
All the information was scattered over more than like 10 websites, and some of them were even too slow to load.
So, I thought, why not? I could make a website where us Bieber Babes can find all the information about our guy in ONE place.

This website not only has updates and latest news, it has pictures, videos, competitions etc.

So, remember to bookmark this page and come back regularly. This website is something you do NOT want to miss.

To check out all my previous posts & to make sure you do not miss anything, here is a link to my sitemap where you will find a list of all my pages about Justin Bieber. 
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