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Justin Bieber Crashes a Malibu Wedding


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were having a romantic dinner date on the beach in Malibu over the weekend of July 17th, when they overheard Justin’s music playing at a nearby wedding.

This is what happened:

“Unbeknownst to all of the guests, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were just done eating at a restaurant up the road from the Adamson House estate and had decided to take a stroll down the beach. I guess he heard his song play and decided to crash the wedding party to check the scene out. He was cool enough to make a cameo, which surprised all of the wedding guests. He even took the microphone, congratulated the newlywed couple, and said a few nice words, while posing for a series of pictures with his fans. That was one of the coolest and nicest things a person of his celebrity can do, and it certainly made a memorable night for the newlywed couple.”

What a cool wedding surprise! Those wedding guests are so lucky!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Original Source: Perez

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber’s Childhood


Get ready to be WOWed. We have been fortunate enough to be offered an exclusive video of Justin’s childhood.

Check out this video and lots more new ones I have uploaded to our youtube channel.

Leave your comments below or on youtube. AND don’t forget to tell all your Bieber Babe friends.

Cute YouTube Video


Check out this cute YouTube video

It’s of Bri’s little sister is pretending to talk to Justin Bieber on the phone.

Check it out

‘Never Say Never’ Movie


Justin’s movie ‘Never Say Never’ is NOW out in cinemas. It was released on 7th April 2011.

Justin Bieber

I would highly recommend you go and see it.

An exclusive offer has been given to me as advertisment for Justin’s movie, and will be on my website asap

Lozza <3 xoxo

Justin on 60 Minutes


Hey Bieber Babes,

Good news! Justin is on 60 Minutes tonight (Sunday 3rd April 2011) at 7:30pm on Channel 10

Make sure to tune in to Channel 10 tonight

I will be adding the 60 Minutes clip onto this asap



Just reminding all Bieber Babes that tomorrow

(Saturday 26th March 2011) at 8:30pm


If you don’t know what Earth Hour is, it is an hour (starting at 8:30pm) where individuals turn their lights off to stand against climate change.

It is a very small amount of time and giving for a very important cause

Please give to the environment by participating tomorrow at 8:30pm

For more information, please go to

Earth Hour

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Selena Gomez Gets Embarrassed on the Ellen Show


Selena Gomez

On March 22nd 2011, Selena Gomez gets embarrassed after Ellen DeGeneres played a clip of her denying her romance with Justin Bieber last year on her show

Watch the clip below:

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Justin Bieber Wax Figure


Justin is the latest star to be honoured with his own replica figure by famous museum Madame Tussauds and he unveiled his double in London, in front of a few lucky fans while thousands more watched via a live web stream.

He seemed impressed by his likeness although he commented that he had grown in height since he posed for it.

He told museum staff:  “It’s pretty incredible to see. I’m taller but this was a point in time

“It looks awesome, thanks very much.”

Justin Bieber

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Tomorrow’s Youth


Have you ever wondered how I met Justin? (Except for winning the competition with 2Day FM)

Well I am going to share with you today, one of my secrets.

The secret is Tomorrow’s Youth.
They have a program called Empower U.

Every teenager should go to Empower U. It teaches you things which you dont learn at school, and it’s FUN. Much better than school …. lol

Empower U is usually based in Sydney, Australia but is also in 6 countries (including Australia).
It teaches you how to take control of your lives and achieve a new sense of self-worth, direction and empowerment.
Areas covered include goal setting, communication, leadership, teamwork, career success, money management, creative thinking and much more.

I fully advice all teenagers to go. There is only a small price to pay, for the start of a successful future.

Go to for more information.

And I guess if you Bieber Babes are fans, you can also meet me, because I am a assist.
There is an assist team filled with people who are there to help you and have been in your shoes in the program before.

PHOTOS – Justin Bieber HOT


Check out these HOT photos of Justin below.
You’ll love them 🙂
[nggallery id=6]



Hey Bieber Babes,

Sometimes when I add another video to my website, it stops the others from working.

If that ever happens, dont worry about it. Just know that I am trying my best to make them work again.
It is really frustrating for me too when they don’t work, so just ignore it.
When they work, please play them. I add them to my site for a reason. For my fellow Bieber Babes’ entertainment, and to share the latest news with you guys 🙂

Justin Drew Bieber

Again, Sorry about the videos.
Just wanted to make sure you all knew that I was doing my best

Justin Bieber in Sydney Australia


Hey Bieber Babes,

Enjoy these photos of Justin in Sydney Australia
What a great time that was for all of us 🙂 <3 xoxo

[nggallery id=5]

Bieber Babes & their Bieber Belongings


I received an email today from Molly who is also a great Bieber Babe and she has asked for a page where Bieber Babes can showcase their Bieber merchandise. I thought it was a fantastic idea and have started this page just for all of you Bieber Babes to showoff your ‘Bieber Belongings’. If you have a lot of Justin Bieber stuff email me a photo of you with your collection and I will put it up here for all Bieber Babes to drool over. Molly is sending me her, so get your cameras out and send me those pics to

Now I have to go and take a photo of me with my collection so I don’t miss out on the action.
Till then, remember to always be a Bieber Babe.
Lozza xoxo <3

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