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SIGNED CD Competition


Another thing I wanted to clear up here on my website, because of all the constant emails, and me having to reply the same thing to all of you.

So sorry to say, but the signed cd competition is FINISHED and has been GIVEN AWAY 🙁

So sorry

Better luck for the next competition Bieber Babes

Love Lozza <3

Love Lozza from <3

The Winner of the Justin Bieber Signed CD


So sorry for this late post.
Do you Bieber Babes remember Sarah? The Winner of the Justin Bieber Signed CD I had as a competition here at

Well, I just thought I better put the picture up of Sarah with the Signed CD.
She actually got some extras too. She is a fan of Hot 30 Countdown on 2Day FM, so when I went to go meet Charli and Pagey, I got them to sign a photo directly to Sarah.
And Sarah is such a fan of mine, that I also signed my photo with Justin.

When the package finally arrived in the mail, she immediately emailed me and said Thank You.
She was so appreciative.

Her picture is below. Please enjoy!


Thanks Sarah for supplying the photo 🙂
Love Lozza xoxo <3

Entries for SIGNED CD


The contest to win a copy of Justin Bieber’s ‘My Worlds’ Australian Edition ends on the 31st May (midnight, Sydney Australian time)

I thought I would share with my fellow Bieber Babes, some of the entries I have gotten. I will share with you guys the winning entry when the contest ends.

Email me at to enter the contest, if haven’t already

Justin Bieber Autographed CD


Mariam S:
I’m a bieber babe cause I got practically all my friends into jb. Also, when I found out about the hot 30 countdown competition to meet him, I sat on my but for 3 hours and refused to move. I put 6 forms into the hot 30 countdown and called them 17 times! I was like almost in tears when they didn’t call me but I went to the sunrise performance before they cancelled it. And even then, me and 4 friends waited until the cops had to actually push us to go. Ilovehimsoooomuch!! 

Hannah B.A
“My ex-boyfriend dumped me for another girl. His song ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ comforted my heart. I owe my broken heart’s recovery to Justin.”

Chantelle C
Hey I definately think im a Bieber babe beause I think Justins music is inspirational, I have posters all over my wall I even have a shirt that says I <3 Justin, when justin came to Sydney, Australia I flew from the Gold Coast to see him I was even on Sunrise up the front jumping up and down 😀 Unfortunatley I havent met him personally but hope one day I do!! I would love to have a signed copy of My World 2.0 even though I have 2 copies already hahahaahahaha so please PICK ME I truly think i am the #1 BIEBER BABE

Cassie B
I am a Bieber Babe!  I LOVE Justin Bieber. I wish one day I could meet him. I tweet him all the time and me and besties can’t get enough of him.

Gaby C
I’m a Bieber babe because Justin is my life! I listen to him everyday, & have a million posters.
I would die to have a signed CD! 🙂

Georgia H
Hey, I am entering to win the signed Justin Bieber CD!!! I am a Bieber babe because…I support him 100% I’m a BABE that loves Justin BIEBER 🙂 He has inspired me to follow my dreams and never let anything stop me IT WOULD LEGIT MEAN THE WORLD TO ME TO WIN IT ! I HOPE I WIN !!

Alexa L
I would say to justin “justin you inspired a lots of girls, not only in your country but nationwide. there’re so many celebrites I love but you are the only one that inspired me to enter singing contests and more. Even though my mother keeps telling me that there is nothing in my mind except justin, what else can I do?  I’ve got a bieber fever. and I always keep daydreaming about us, like you do a world tour here in philippines and then u saw me singing and said that I’m a great singer..lolz.. even I cant get a chance to meet you in person, im still proud that at least I’m  in this time generation I know that there is such a person in this world that is so amazing that made every girl so happy and made a history.. ” wish you pick me as the winner!!! ^^

Holly R
I could say that I officially got bieber fever when I saw Justin on facebook about a year and a half ago, and ever since then I’ve been following his youtube channel. I managed to get Justin to follow me, when he wasn’t that famous. And now he’s following over 50,000 of his fans, which is incredible! I don’t think anyone is as amazing as Justin Bieber. I know all the words to every song on his My Worlds album..yes even Luda’s rap in Baby 🙂 and know how to play a few of his songs on the guitar as well. I text, ring, and tweet radio stations and music channels in New Zealand to play Justins songs and video’s all the time! And wish nothing more than to meet him! I got to see him on Wednesday 28th April, but the security guards wouldn’t let him come out to sign stuff, so he couldn’t sign my CD. I love that you’re trying to make other Justin fans’ dreams come true too 🙂 You’llget amazing karma for being such a nice person!Thanks so much for the opportunity, and I’m sorry that it’s not under 50 words! It’s too hard to express how much I like him in 50 words..or even the amount I have written still doesn’t seem just. Holly xx

Im am Bieber Babe because I Love Justin Bieber soo much, hes got the WHOLE package: agreat voice, amazing hair, gorgeous smile and eyes. and I… I’m obsessed. Just this week I spent more than $75 on merchandise I will never change my mind about him, I will keep calling up those radio stations and requesting his songs until they are all number one..I wish everyone good luck, and speaking about luck, your the luckiest girl i know to meet and greet Justin Bieber is a big dream of mine that wont come true.. ..but i would do whatever for him

Lydia F
Hey, congratulations on winning the competition to meet Justin Bieber, you obviously deserve it :] Here is why I want the signed copy of his CD:) Justin Bieber is My World. I love his music. I get Stuck In The Moment when I listen to his songs. My heart would go Up to space if I won. He’s an amazing singer and really cute. He’s my Common Denominator & makes me Smile. You should Pick Me! Lydia – sick with the Bieber Fever 😉  

Chantal M.F
Hi my name is Chantal, I am 13 years old. And I am from the Philippines. I am a desperate Bieber Babe because Justin Bieber doesn’t have any concerts in Asia, well except for Tokyo, Japan.  But I won’t stop being a BieberBabe! You guys are so lucky! Justin Bieber will come back  to Australia in November! Thank You so much! I made an album with 261 photos of Justin Bieber. I filled my room with his posters, I can’t remember the color of my walls! My screensaver is his cutest photos ever! I even made a story about us! My mom sings along with me when i play his songs!

Chanel T
I can’t go one day without listening to his music, and every time I listen to his song “That Should Be Me” it brings me to tears. I look at all his videos on youtube everyday and have made up dances to all of his songs, he is my dream guy <3

Victoria McL
I love Justin, not just because he’s extremely gorgeous, he’s amazing at singing,dancing everything I would do anything to just meet him for 3 seconds he’s perfect and I admire him so much, also I would do anything for him, I believe that I am a true fan forever

Amber C
hi I’m amber cody and I’m a big justin bieber fan i love his musici. He’s so cute and talented and a relly good singer and the way he moves he’s like the next king of pop

Jas R
I can’t go a day without listening and singing at the top of my loungs to JB’s songs and I wait up for him every night, for his tweets on twitter! I wear my I LOVE JUSTIN top everywhere! I am not ashamed! I Love him! Thats what makes me a bieber babe. I can never stop thinking and talking about him! ! !He is my idol and inspiration! He turns my frown upside-down.

Lauren S
I’m a Bieber Babe because I know I will marry him one day 🙂 I obsess when someone mentions “Justin” Even if they are not talking about Justin Bieber. Taught my 5 yearold sister how to spell his name and all the lyrics and convinced my (16) brother to dye and cut his hair like Justin  Bieber. That takes great Skill! xx Thanks I hope I win 😀

Kelly S
hi I’m kelly i have cancer but i love love love love justin soooooo much i had to enter so i love his music i cant get them out of my head i love teens and omg hes sooo hot i would have met him for make a wish but i couldnt so im going to australia!!!! I would never meet a famous person like him or any other famous person I’m not lucky at all I never win anything so I hope u choose a huge bieber fan who has bieber fever like me thanx kelly…my friends all have something justin bieber but idont have anything

Pamela M
What makes me a Bieber Babe is the fact that I’m an extremely dedicated and devoted fan to Justin Bieber.
A day does not go by without me listening to him, thinking about him or talking about him –
it’s insane! If I win I’d probably make my friends and family go nuts with my incessant squealing
and happiness! Thanks for this opportunity and competition btw!

Sabrina F
WARNING: Ultimate Bieber Fever follows.
*He’s hot
*he sings WOW
*He’s hot
enough yet? never

Alexis Y
I think i should have the cd because im a true Bieber babe i am just like justin and yourself,
i want to stay pure till marriage and have my walls filled with justin pictures i wouldve siad
i was hbis number 1 fan till i saw this website you are obvisoulsy his no. 1 fan, alexis

Grace D
EVERYTHIN:) maybe it was a
im speechlees when I saw him,

He is so kind he has a voice of an angel and he is so respectful I’d do anything for him he respects everyone and believes no one is better than him he is amazing and I adore him and his personality he is just so sweet too x
———————– I think this is very kind of you to give fellow bielebers this opportunity x thank you x x
love jessica x x

Alyssa W
Hey im Alyssa and i wanted to tell you why im a Bieber babe:)
i love JB because he has such great talent!.. and his music is just the best ive heard!…he
has such a good heart and he cares for his fans!..i love eveything about justin! hes a sweet boy..
and he would get his way with any girl in the world!(even more with me) haha! i know the words
to all of his songs!..and i listen to him eveyday on my ipod! ..he’s all i listen to!.. i listen to his lyrics
and i just melt.. i have posters of him on my walls! and i was at that crzy bieber mainia at sunrise!..and
when i saw him just through the window!..that made me the happiest girl! i was just happy to have seen him!..
and to have his signed copy of MY WORLDS would be such a great thing to me! Xx

Michelle C
I think what makes me a “Bieber Babe” is:
The fact that i will always be there for Justin. Even when I’m getting persecuted for supporting him, 
I never EVER doubt supporting him because he has done sooo much for me, like replying to fans,
even if its not me he’s replying to, i still know he cares.<3
p.s.: I cannot thank you ENOUGH for giving me and other fans the chance to win this cd(: It means
so much and I’m glad there is people in the world like you, so generous to give away something so
delicate and precious. Thanks sooo much again<3(;

Stephanie J
Heeeey Lozza,
My name is Stephanie, and I saw you on the Hills Shire Times Newspaper. As I was looking at it I found
your Justin Bieber website. This newspaper article is now part of my Justin Bieber collection. I also went
to the Justin Bieber Sunrise concert and was absolutely DEVASTATED when Justin was unable to perform.
I went back home at 7 o’clock and was too upset to see the rest of sunrise. Soon I regretted this and
watched the video multiple times on Youtube. But I guess I cannot live without Justin Bieber’s
songs because they make me happyand I guess that thats all that really matters.
As long as his songs make you happy and he makes you happy then its all fantotastticc 😀
I hope this entry makes me a Bieber Babe and thank you for putting this competition up for all Bieber Babes. 🙂
Love Steph xx

Madison S
I absulutley LOVE him!! I know you probably hear that in every email. I love him, because
he has a great personality and he cares for people, like his fans. He also cares about his family
like his mum. He is also good looking and cute!!!! I love all his song, i wrote down a list of his songs,
my favourite are: baby, kiss n tell, stuck in the moment, love me and one time. I wasnt allowed to go
to his concert thing in Sydney (since i live in Sydney). You are sooooo lucky u got to meet him. I would
really Love to win this CD, its not just because it has his signiture, its because i would listen to it all the time,
and so i wont have to keep listening to you-tube and using up our internet. Well they are my reasons I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! From Madison P.S. Sorry i went way past 50 word, its just so hard just to keep to 50 when there is
so much to say!!!!! I love Justin Bieber!!! My teacher hates him we started to sing Baby and she didnt
like it (she wasnt mean or anything). All boys at my school well most of them and some girls, say he is gay and
he sings like a girl!!!!! I just tell the boys that they are jealous because thousand of girls like him and
maybe not even 1 girl likes you.

Tara V
hi there my name is tara me and my neighbour went to the justin bieber thing at the city and there were meant to be meet and greats and it didnt even end up happening because people were not listening to the police and that and people got hurt. i really love justin bieber i really would love it if you gave me the cd because I lovee himm so
much and i am suree u do to butt i realy want it its like the end of the world if i dont get it i mean it lolbut i would be greatful if you gave it to me.. i woulddd lovee itt tooo bitss and peicess my name is tara and i reeally tink u
should give it to me if you do u would be the best person in the world except for justin bieber lol cyaa tara xo
#1 jb fan cyaa

Kelly W
Hey! this is @bieb2meetnorris and @lovenbelieber same person. bahahahaha
Hey, imma tell u what i think bout Jbieber. hmm 50 words. ok. I love his smile.
everytime i see it, it brightens my day. He is very sexayy! Ive had Bieber Fever
since i got a text message playing ‘One Time’. that was in ’09. He makes me feel
loved and he made me believe in all things. even the un-expected! well thats all i
can write. so ttyl. i hope i win because imma huge bieber fan-lover-supporter
-Kelly W. 14. Indiana

Ashley M
Megan B
Elise W
Brittany P
Jessica R
Charlotte I
Hailey S
Vanessa L
Anita L
Bonnie W
Nancy L
Karys S
Ella N
Laura H
Monica M
Sarah Moss
Molly S
Iivy M
Aleisha B
Charlotte I

The rest of the entries are COMING SOON!!
I just finished a whole week of exams at school, and really haven’t had time to put them all on.
There is SOO many entries.
It’s good though.
They will be on soon though. So dont panic. They are coming 🙂

Love Lozza xoxo <3

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