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Justin Bieber “Love Me Like You Do” Acoustic Performance


Justin Bieber
In the video below you can hear an acoustic performance from Justin Bieber of his song “Love Me Like You Do.” Justin performed the song while he was on Sunrise in Australia where he was visiting to promote his “Believe” album.

Were you lucky enough to be in the crowd for the performance?

Justin will soon be embarking on his Believe world tour. Be sure to let us know if you have gotten tickets to any of the shows.

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Bieber Fever Hits Australia Again


Justin Bieber
The pop star arrived in the city on Sunday after departing Malaysia, where he performed at the MTV World Stage Live on Saturday.

“Hate these long flights, but worth it to see my fans in Australia,” Bieber tweeted.

The teen idol is in Australia for a three-day tour to promote his new album Believe.

Security is on lockdown with Bieber’s record label Universal Music offering few details about the trip, which will include appearances on Australia’s Got Talent, Sunrise and Channel [V].

Despite the secrecy surrounding the star’s whirlwind tour of Melbourne and Sydney, it didn’t take his dedicated fans long to figure out where Bieber was hiding out after arriving Down Under.


A crowd started gathering at the stylish hotel after news of Bieber’s arrival was broadcast on Twitter.


“Justin’s at the Olsen Hotel but fans can’t go in and he won’t come out. You could always climb the walls like spiderman or wait it out,” another fan tweeted in excitement.

The first photographs of Bieber in Australia have also appeared online. A series of six photos on fan website, show the teen pop star, dressed in a grey hoodie, posing with fans at what appears to be an airport.

Another snap on photo-sharing site Instagram shows Bieber walking through the foyer of The Olsen.

Last time the Canadian star visited – in April 2010 – it was pandemonium. A planned free concert, put on by the Seven Network’s Sunrise program at Sydney’s Circular Quay was cancelled due to overcrowding.

As hordes of teenagers surged forward, things got so dangerous that Bieber pleaded with them to go home.

The television network is taking no chances this time, promising beefed-up security to safeguard Bieber’s Sunrise appearance on Wednesday morning.

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Australian Tour Dates


Hey Bieber Babes,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but my granddad has been really sick and had just passed early Tuesday morning in his sleep.
So, as you can guess, my whole family is a wreck and I am now in Queensland with the rest of my family to plan the funeral.

ANYWAY, the HAPPY news.
Let’s all talk about Justin Bieber. He makes everything better.

Well, most of you know that he is coming back to Australia for his My World tour.
As I can guess, most of you Bieber Babes would already know the dates, but in case some of you don’t know, here are the dates for you.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre

26 April 2011

Sydney – Acer Arena

28 April 2011

Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena

2 May 2011

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

5 May 2011

Perth – Burswood Dome

7 May 2011

Justin Bieber in Newspaper


From me (Lauren) leaving it for Bieber and Bieber fever staying in town, I have been in the newspaper about Justin Bieber twice now, and hopefully several more times in the future.

They have been both in the Hills Shire Times, but unfortunately a lot of my fans do not get that newspaper, so I thought I would do you Bieber Babes a favour by scanning them, so you could see.

Please enjoy!
And leave comments

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Justin Bieber’s Water Glass


Hey Bieber Babes,

I had the BEST day today.
Some of you might not know but I won a water glass which Justin Bieber drank from while he was here in Sydney, through the Hot 30 Countdown on 2DayFM.

Charli and Pagey announced it as a competition about 1-2 weeks after Justin left Sydney, Australia.
I was on the radio that night, after just making a phone call to enter the competition. I guess, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

They were just going to deliver it once it was all professionally framed and everything, but after I met Justin Bieber in April, Charli and Pagey were there to interview each of us as we came out, and I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get a photo taken with both of them or an autograph. I hadn’t seen Charli since I was about 7 years old, when I liked Hi-5, so this was a very big deal to me.

We organised with them, to come into 2Day FM again to pick it up and to have some quality time with Charli and Pagey.
It took a while to organise it, but it was worth it in the end.
Even though Charli and Pagey are there nearly every night, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have time to talk to me.

So, on Tuesday 8th June 2010, a guy who organises the competitions at 2Day FM, gave my mum and I a call and said that we could come in on Thursday 10th April 2010 at 3:30pm.

My mum ended off just giving me a day off from school because we had plenty to do in the morning anyway, before we headed off into the city into 2Day FM.

While I was waiting at the reception desk, Pagey just walked in, like anyone would, walking into work. He swiped his access card to go behind the glass into the offices. I could see Pagey walk halfway in and started talking to Charli.
They both headed out and gave me big hugs. I loved it.

My mum took plentyof pictures of us 3 and there was even a professional photographer that came out to take pictures once they gave me the water glass.
Now, it took about 2 months for the frame of the water glass to be done, and I started wondering ‘Why is it taking so long?’ I thought it was just going to be a perspex frame around the glass, but it was so much more than that, and I am so glad it was.
They went through so much time and effort into making the frame and everything spectacular. They even found my picture with Justin and placed it in there.
It wasn’t just the water glass.

I also got Charli and Pagey to sign 3 photos of them with Justin. One for me, one for the winner of my SIGNED Justin Bieber CD, and the third to one lucky viewer on my website. To win, just watch out for a new post soon about how you can win this exclusive-rare signed photo of Charli and Pagey from Hot 30 Countdown.

Signed Charli & Pagey (with Justin Bieber) photo

Someone working at 2Day FM helped us carry it down to our car. They wrapped the frame up really well to protect it, and removed the glass from the frame and wrapped it up separately to place into a separate box. The masterpiece was safely in my arms 🙂

Except meeting Justin, it was one of the best days of my life. Unlike meeting Justin, I got to take away a piece of him, and photos with my other role models.
Check out the photos below.

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Meeting Justin Bieber


On Tuesday 27th April 2010, my dream came true.
My hero, my rolemodel, my love, my life

Check out my post ‘The Future Radio Star’, to find out how I won the competition with Hot 30 Countdown.

On Tuesday morning, when the alarm went off, nothing was going to stop me from getting out of bed.
My bad stomach cramps from the night before meant nothing to me, when all that was going through my head was that I’m about to meet my idol, and going to live my dream for the day.

 All the pain I had, was sore stomach muscles from throwing up in the hospital.
I still got through the pain though.

My mum and I took a taxi to the 2Day FM studio. We put in our forms and the receptionist told us to wait down near the cafe on the ground floor.
Later arrived some more contest winners. I became good friends with some of them.
We were directed back upstairs to the 2Day FM studio, where they made us wait in a meeting room. We all talked about Justin in all different ways, while we were waiting and getting our names marked off.
There was approximately 5 contest winners from New South Wales and 5 contest winners from the other states in Australia.

2day FM

We were later informed that there was some good news and some bad news.

All I was thinking was, how bad was the bad news.

They said the good news is that you will be able to still meet Justin but the bad news is, that Justin is sick.
Hot 30 paid for the flights and accomadation for the winners from other states. They pushed back their flights, so we could all meet up later in the day, so Justin had the opportunity to get better and see a doctor.

They checked all our phone numbers, so they could text and call us with the information about where we were going to meet and at what time.
My mum and I went back to our hotel to wait for the texts and calls.
They texted us twice about where we might be meeting up, which ending up being the right address anyway.

They called us at about 12:15pm, with all the details, to meet up at the Fraiser Suites at 12:30pm. We immediately left the hotel room and got in a taxi, to try to arrive at 12:30. We did arrive on time, because we weren’t that far away.

We waited for everyone to arrive, and then we all piled into 3 mega taxis/cars, that they organised for us, to take us to Justin’s hotel.  
They made us wait in a meeting room/lobby area. They told us to be quite, as we didn’t want to attract too much attention to the room.
We were originally allowed to take our own photos and videos of the event.
They came in every now and then. Once to say that he will be only about 20 minutes or so.
The last time was to tell us that they are going to take us up to Justin, instead of him coming down to us.

We took the staircase, so the people staying in the hotel wouldn’t know. We were then told that we weren’t allowed to take our own photos and videos. Instead there was a professional photographer there to take our photos (They later emailed all the photos to each of us).
While waiting in the line, with the person we came with (I came with my mum), I was getting nervous, but excited even more. I was only on the other side of the wall, of the room that Justin was in. I then realised, Justin is only on the other side of that wall. I’m SO close! I have made my dream come true, by not giving up.

When the girls infront of us got their turn, I moved up in the line. I caught a glimpse of Justin and I immediately fell in love. My mum said “I can’t see him”, while she was trying to catch a glimpse. I just stood there, staring at Justin, and said “I can”, in my in-love voice.

It was then my turn to go see Justin.
I got a hug. The BEST hug in the world. The BEST hug I have ever gotten. I got a photo taken with him.
I bought Justin a couple of presents on Sunday afternoon and put them in a gift bag. You should of seen his face when I handed it to him. It was priceless. He thought I was such a sweetheart. I was the only girl there that gave him a present.
He loved it.

Justin Bieber and I

We were only allowed to get one thing signed. He signed my CD, and my mum got my poster signed.
When I told him that I was going to give away the CD he signed to a lucky fan on my website, he thought I was even nicer than he thought.
When he signed my poster, I got a heart on it, as well as the autograph.
Enter my competition, to WIN the signed Justin Bieber ‘My World 2.0’ CD.
Check out my post ‘Win a Signed Copy of Justin Bieber’s ‘My World 2.0′ CD’ to find out the details.

Signed Justin Bieber CD

The duration of the whole meet and greet was supposed to be an hour, including the intimate performance, but because Justin was sick and trying to get better, to head off to New Zealand that night, the duration was only about 20 minutes maximum.
But, I am still truely grateful. It was better than nothing. And I still got to meet him.
I always remember that a lot fans would kill to have done what I did.

It was an experience that I will NEVER forget, especially when it was my dream and goal to achieve, and it happened.
And even though Justin was sick and couldn’t perform for us, I am still eternally grateful/thankful that it happened to ME! 🙂

Justin, when I met him, was such a sweetheart. He is seriously, the NICEST person I have EVER met!
He was a thousand, NO! A GOOGLE times cuter in person.
And, in photos and videos, his hair always looks really dark, when actually it is like my colour. A dark blonde. You can see that, in the photo of us.
I was really nervous that he’d be much shorter than me, but actually he was a bit taller than me (as you can see in the photo). Whoever says he is SOO short. They are completely wrong. He is just at the right height.
And whoever said shorter guys can’t get the girls, they are SOO wrong too.

That was the BEST experience I have EVER had.
Now! I have met other celebrities, but the experiences weren’t as good as that one was.
Thanks Justin for making it SOOOO memorable.

Thank You everyone from the Hot 30, who made it all happen. And Thank You GOD, and my mother, who was there every step of the way to help make it happen. LOVE YOU MUM!! <3

YouTube Preview Image

  Interview of Justin Bieber with Charli and Pagey

The Hot 30 Countdown


On Friday 23rd April 2010, it was ONE of the best experiences I have ever had.
The start of my future.

I took the day off school on Friday to complete filming a video that had to be submitted by 4:30pm to 2Day FM, Hot 30 Countdown.
The video was the chance to be included in an intimate performance and a meet and greet with Justin Bieber.
Hot 30 countdown starts at 7pm weekdays to 10pm on 104.1.

The video had to be 15 seconds about why I am Justin Bieber’s biggest fan. 15 seconds was the worst duration for the video, especially to fit everything you wanted to say into it.
I actually went over 15 seconds, but in the end, it was worth it.
I explained that I don’t just collect Justin’s merchandise and listen to his music, but I have been promoting him online all around the world, to spread the news.
I also finished the video by singing to Justin’s song ‘Pick Me’, which fitted into the situation beautifully.
I thought I was going overboard a bit, but it was all worth it.
You have to stand outside the crowd to get to where you want to be. To succeed in life.

It was about 6pm when I went to have a shower and wash my hair.
My mum and I made a joke before I went upstairs, that it would be funny if I won and they rang tonight.
I had my Ipod Speakers in the bathroom, listening to Justin.
When I finished, I was blow drying my hair. I separated my hair into layers and was starting to straighten it.

The phone rang, but I didnt hear it. My mum yelled out to me to come answer the phone.
“Lauren, the hot 30 is on the phone!”
“Yeh right! Are you kidding me?”

Because I didn’t hear the phone ring, I thought my mum was joking around with me.
I answered the phone and a girl named Liza from Hot 30 was on the phone.

She asked me questions like why I love him and what songs of his are my favorite.
She then asked if I’d be interested in coming to the Hot 30 headquarters to meet Justin Bieber on Tuesday, and if I wouldn’t mind talking to Charlie and Pagey between now and in one hour.
I, of course, agreed.

My heart immediately started pumping so fast that I could feel it. I also started shaking.
The phone then rang. I totally stopped everything, and just stared at the phone.
When I finally got the urge to answer the phone, I still couldn’t stop shaking.
I was so lucky I didn’t come across nervous (on the radio)
They pre-recorded me responding to Charlie and Pagey saying that I was one of the contest winners.
They had to record me twice because the original recording wasn’t good enough.

I was on the radio that night. I told a lot of my family members and friends. My dad was in Queensland at that time, to look after his father, who has cancer. My dad and my mum taped the radio station, to always remember the great memorable experience.

Hot 30 Countdown - Charli Delaney and Chris Page

Justin Bieber on Channel 7 Sunrise


YouTube Preview Image
On one of my other posts, I talked about how Justin’s record label, Universal Music changed his location from Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown to Sunrise at Martin Place on the Monday instead of the Sunday.
A lot of fans got really sick of the location change because it was changed again!
Justin has so many Australian fans that they changed it to infront of the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay (Sydney Australia).

I live quite a while away from the city, so my mum and I stayed in a hotel over the weekend.
Unfortunately, I came down with Bieber Fever. Burning up so much that my mum had to take me to the hospital.
I came down with a bug.
I didn’t get discharged till about 5am. It was too late to go to Sunrise at that time, so I had to say no to it 🙁
But, I am KIND OF glad I didn’t.

Justin Bieber Australian Fans

With bad organisation, the police cancelled the whole performance because there was so many of Justin’s fans who were eager to see him, who ignored the orders from the policemen.
Heaps of fans were devastated because it was Justin’s only Australian performance…….CANCELLED!! 🙁

Thousands of teenagers camped out overnight at Sydney’s Circular Quay to watch the Canadian pop sensation but they were forced to leave after ten teenagers were hurt in a crush towards the stage.
One even broke her knee. I just dislocated my knee about 8 weeks ago, so I’m glad I didn’t put my knee back in danger. It could of been much worse.

Channel 7 reported at least ten girls fainted, with paramedics forced to rescue them from the hysterical mass, which reportedly broke barriers.
Police knew that some girls would be camping out (which they did), but they couldn’t believe that most of them had no adult supervision whatsoever.

After the concert was cancelled, the fans moved to Martin Place, surrounding the Channel 7 studios.
The public order and riot squad was called in to try to control the crowd, estimated to be about 4000 or more.

Sunrise Channel 7

They were soon rewarded as Bieber arrived at the studio to sing one song to the huge crowd. Approaching the window of Channel 7’s studio Bieber said: “These are such amazing scenes, I’m really so glad I could come.”

“Thank you for all your support, I’m so sorry it got out of control, we don’t want anybody to get hurt.”
The crowd screamed as the teen sensation sang Baby inside the studio, behind a glass window (for his safety).

Holed up in his hotel room earlier that morning, Bieber wrote on his Twitter page: “I love my fans…I love it here in Australia…and I want to sing.

“I love my fans….and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans.”

After the one song performance he wrote: I’m beyond grateful…that was incredible. Thank u for such an amazing warm welcome Australia…I told you I wouldnt let you down. Thank U!

On air David Koch defended Sunrise’s handling of the situation.
“We hired the best in the business, we took advice from them, we had security, we had police, we had the same security team that did the Big Day out, we did everything” Koch said.
“We’ve had Pink, we’ve had the Pussycat dolls, we’ve had INXS, we have never seen anything like this”
“Your daughter may have been injured or died down there, we are not going to cop that responsibility.”

Apparently, Justin is getting as big as the Beatles were, for our age group.
I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, but I had to get better for the rest of the day, because I had to be 100% for Tuesday. And it was all worth it. Check out my post ‘Meeting Justin Bieber’ to check out what happened to me on Tuesday and the great experience I had.

Watch the video below of Justin singing his single Baby. He was suppossed to be singing it acoustically but after all the changes, it didn’t happen.
Now, when you hear Justin sing, NO! His voice isn’t breaking. He was coming down with the flu. Read my ‘Meeting Justin Bieber’ post to find out more, and the evidence I have.
You can tell he is having trouble singing (from coming down with the flu) because he even stops now and then, to take a break, and let the recording behind him take some of the high notes.

YouTube Preview Image

Justin Bieber, on Channel 7’s Sunrise, performing his hit song ‘Baby’

Justin Arriving at Sydney Airport


Justin Bieber arriving at Sydney Airport

I woke up really early on Saturday 24th April 2010, to head to Sydney Airport.
I didn’t know which flight Justin was coming on. I knew he was coming from Tokyo, so I checked out the flights on Saturday coming from Tokyo. Then I saw his twitter saying he is on his way to Australia now. That really helped because then we got to estimate which flight he was coming in on.
We also thought it would make more sense if he flew during the night and arrived in the morning instead of wasting his day. And we were right. He arrived really early in the morning, so we had to get up even earlier to make it to the airport on time.
Having little sleep really got to me after a while, and not having breakfast before, made me feel sick after. It was all worth it though.

We arrived at the airport. There were to possible flights. Both early in the morning.
I was the first fan there. 3 Paparazzi were there soon after I arrived. Later arrived some more fans too.
There was also a Channel 7 camera and their host filming the whole thing.
Justin’s arrival was on Channel 7 news at 6pm that night. Now, if you watched that, remember to NEVER believe what they say and show on TV. It is not necessarily true.
For Example, at the airport, there was approximately only 15-20 fans, but on TV, they made it look so much worse than it actually was.

Justin arrived soon after Guns N Roses Legend Slash. I actually had never even heard of Slash until Saturday.
That night, Justin went to dinner with Slash. Apparently, Slash wanted to take Justin to a titty bar, but Justin refused.

When Justin came out of his gate, his bodyguards just wanted to get him out of there. I don’t think anyone got any photos taken or autographs.
It’s not till Saturday that I realised how rude and obnoxious some paparazzi are, and how much fans, paparazzi and bodyguards are sworn enemies.

But I still had a great time. Watch the video below. I was one of those screaming fans. It was a great experience that I will never forget. That was like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

YouTube Preview Image
Justin Bieber arriving at Sydney Airport on Saturday 24th April 2010

Justin Bieber Coming To Australia


The world’s hottest teen star Justin Bieber will perform LIVE on Australia’s number one breakfast show on Monday 26 April 2010.

Justin Bieber

So, whatever rumours you have heard about him coming to Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, ignore them. Justin’s record company are afraid that they won’t be able to fit us all, so now he is going to perform and be interviewed in the city on the number one Australian breakfast show, Sunrise.

In his only Australian public performance, Justin will sing three singles from his number one US album ‘My Worlds – Australian Edition’ live on Sunrise, including the smash hit ‘Baby’ in a special acoustic performance.

Due to his overwhelming popularity, Sunrise will broadcast from the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay that morning, an area big enough to house his thousands of adoring fans.

Kochie, Mel and the team will present Sunrise live in front of Sydney Harbour, with the Canadian super star singing three songs throughout the morning.

Kochie and Mel will also interview the global phenomenon and after his performances Justin will meet with fans and sign autographs.

For more information, go to the Sunrise website at