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Justin’s message to his Australian fans


Justin Bieber

Check out this video of Justin Bieber, talking to his Australian fans

“Next To You” By Chris Brown and Justin Bieber


We love Chris Brown’s new song “Next To You” Feat Justin Bieber.

Go check it out and request it at your local radio station

Justin Bieber Drums


Check out this video:

Justin Bieber – Drums
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Justin Bieber Tickets


Check out this video:

Justin Bieber – Tickets
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Justin Bieber on CSI 2nd Time


Justin Bieber appeared on CSI for the 2nd Time and gets shot ūüôĀ

Check out this clip:

Justin Bieber’s Movie


Hey Bieber Babes,

So Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I am so busy. I JUST finished my school certificate exams.

Anyway, we all know Justin’s movie coming out around Valentines Day, but I thought you would all appreciate the trailer for the movie, for those who haven’t seen it already.

I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!!

Check the trailer out:


Omaha Mall Lyrics


Justin Bieber

Kenny Hamilton
Tell him how it is

Okay. We gunna do this again,
The official version,
This aint none of that youtube stuff man

DJ Tay James.
We know the DJ dot com
Shoutout to my homeboy JB

It’s kenny mac, we gunna do this,
Omaha mall 2010.
Lets show ya how we bout to get in

Hey Hey Lets go!
Omaha mall, omaha mall
You know that we ball at the omaha mall

Omaha mall, omaha mall
You know that we ball at the omaha mall


Yeah I ball, omaha mall.
5 feet tall but i still do it all.
Yeah i get it in, get the benhamins.
Then i spendit all at the omaha mall.

Yeah we’re in a mall,mall.
We are doing it huge

We are spending cash,
Looking for somesick shoes.
Yeah we’re at the mall, mall.

Yeah we’re in my world,world.
Yeah we got our shoes, and now
We’re looking for some girls,girls.

Omaha mall(mall), yeah this beat
Rocks (rocks)
Now im rollin down the mall
Tryin to find a g-shock.

Yo, theres some girls, they look good from a far.
But you never know at the omaha mall

I’ve been to LA, New York, I’ve done it all.
But none of it compares to
The omaha mall. (Yes)

Omaha mall, omaha mall,
You know that we ball at the omaha mall.

You know ima star. You know ima star.
You know that we ball at the omaha mall (x2)

You already know what it is.
We know the DJ dot com DJ Tay James
Ry Good, tell him what it is shawty

Omaha mall (ha) omaha mall
See how we ball at the omaha mall

Now we’re at the food court, trying
To get some spubbos. Hey there Justin
You got a dollar I can borrow? (ya i do)

Maybe get a burger, a sweet and sour
Chicken, Now im walking out cause
It’s so finger licking.

Hey girl we’re ballin,
Yeah girl we’re ballin.
What did I just say, yeah
We’re omaha mallin.

Shift my attention now im bout
To go to baby gap. Get my little
Sister something maybe a sweet
Baby gap cap.

Cap (x6) Ho!
Wait (x3) Hold on (x6) Hold on yo.
We might as well just go to Lids.

Omaha mall, omaha mall. you know that
We ball at the omaha mall (x2)

Mall, mall, mall m m mall mall mall ball b b ball

Song/Video of Photos:

Behind the Scenes:



Justin Bieber Hit By Water Bottle


Justin was sharing his love for the audience at a concert last year, when a member of the audience threw a full bottle of water at him.

“But yeah, I just wanted to see everybody because I love you guys,” the star says, before the bottle hits him in the head.

“Ow, that didn’t feel good,” he then tells the crowd.

“I don’t know why she just threw that at me.”

Celeb site TMZ said Bieber took the incident “like a man”, which I think all of us Bieber Babes agree.
I just love that Justin is such a determined guy, that whatever happens, he continues like nothing ever happened because he doesn’t like to let his fans down. For example: When he fractured his foot while singing “One Time”. He injured himself at the beginning of the song, but continued without the audience knowing until he limped off the stage. I am so proud of him.
That is just one of the many reasons why he is my role model/hero.

Click on the links below to check out the video and information

Justin Bieber       Daily Telegraph Article (with video)      YouTube Video

Jimmy Kimmel Surprises 3 Year Old Cody


Check out this really cute video of Jimmy Kimmel surprising a 3 Year Old Girl named Cody, who is so in love with Justin Bieber, that just listening to his music brings her to tears.
I can’t stop watching this video because it is so cute, and the way they trick her is really clever.

Justin Bieber

Jimmy Kimmel Surprises 3 Year Old Cody Video

Please Enjoy!!

Justin Bieber Chased By Girls


Justin recently attemped escaping from a pack of screaming girls on a Segway, before his concert in Arizona.

Check out this video to see if his plan worked or not ūüôā

Please enjoy!!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Getting Grounded


Check out this YouTube video of an interview with Justin’s mum, Pattie, telling us what she does when Justin gets in trouble.
Because they haven’t been home in over a year, and because they are travelling A LOT, she cannot really ground him like a normal teenager.

Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette

Watch the video to find out.

Justin’s Dream Girl and First Date


Check out this video. It is seriously the sweetest video I have ever seen, especially about Justin’s dream girl and first date.
Sorry about the delay. I found this video ages ago,¬†but either¬†forgot about it or never had the time to make a new post and add the link to it ūüôā

Please enjoy!!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Dream Girl and First Date

That Should Be Me Acoustic


All us Bieber Babes know how fantastic Justin sounds when he acoustically performs.
I just thought I would share with you the video I found of Justin acoustically performing to his song “That Should Be Me” from his ‘My World 2.0’ CD or ‘My Worlds: Australian Edition’.

Justin Bieber

This picture was taken after Justin was kissed by Rihanna. You can see the lip stick on his cheek