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Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga to Become Most Followed Person on Twitter!


Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber and his loyal fan base of Beliebers have finally done it! Monday evening (January 21, 2012), Justin passed up fellow pop star Lady Gaga to become the most popular person on Twitter with 33,339,214 followers.

Gaga has been the long reining queen of Twitter with Justin close at her heels for years, but the tables have finially turned. Way to go Justin!
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Justin Bieber No Longer Hates Ugg Boots


Justin Bieber

It seems our man, Justin Bieber, no longer hates Ugg Boots

He used to say that girls that wear ugg boots are a turn off for him, but from one of his recent tweets, it seems that he has re-thought that

“After all this time of hating on uggs I put on a pair of ugg house shoes and my mind is blown so comfortable I’m sorry ladies for doubting u” -@justinbieber

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Justin Bieber on CSI


Recently on Twitter, Justin Bieber tweeted “I told you I was a BAD MAN” and a picture of him in a Jail Jumpsuit and walking away in the hands of a police officer.

I heard it on the news on Sunrise last week, and they showed the photo. And for all the Bieber Babes out there, you can probably agree with me, when I say “That is SOOOO not true”. We all agree that Justin is not that sort of guy.

I must say that Justin did a VERY good job of fooling us all, because that photo is a glimpse of his role in a new CSI episode, which should air on CBS on September 23rd 2010.

He plays Jason McCann and apparently Justin won’t just be in the first episode of the season, he will also return later on to reprise his role.

So let’s all tune in to CSI then, and watch our guy turning into a phenomenal actor. 




Justin Bieber

Watch this YouTube video:

Justin Bieber Tweets


All us Bieber Babes know that Justin uses Twitter as a way of communicating with his fans.
I checked his twitter the other day, and there was a few tweets that just touched my heart, and I thought I owed you fellow Bieber Babes the chance to check them out if you haven’t already. They are right below:

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘One of the greatest things about my fans is that they are united. It isn’t about hate or jealousy with them. It is about supporting each other’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘Just like they share in my successes, I share in theirs. One of us win and we all do. Not gonna lie but this movement has become a family’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘I hear everyday how many of you have met through this, and how this all started. Music brings people together and that is what I am proudest of’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘So thanks for all the support and know I really do appreciate everything. We are doing this together. Thanks’

Now you can see how much it touched my heart. I hope it has touched yours too.

This is what keeps me going. I love making other people’s dreams come true and making them happy. I enjoy making this website something that everyone loves.

So, let’s continue to show Justin how united we all are and how much we love him and support each other.
You fellow Bieber Babes can start by continuing to read new posts on my website.

Please leave only positive comments on this page and let’s see how many we can get just on THIS page.

Come on Bieber Babes. Let’s show Justin our love for him and each other 🙂 <3

Spread the ‘Bieber Babe Love’ <3

Justin Bieber

One of the recent tweets of Justin’s is:
 Justin Bieber Dot PointBottom line is I luv all of u out there around the world and feel blessed 2 have ur support. 2011 we are taking the MY WORLD tour WORLDWIDE!