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Never Say Never release dates


Justin’s new movie “Never say Never” is being released this month in the USA with other countries following shortly after.

Check out the dates below to find out when it will be in a cinema near you. I can’t wait to see it.

Title : Justin Bieber : Never Say Never
Genre : Documentary
Director : Jon Chu
Studio : Paramount Pictures


North America
United States        11-Feb-11
Canada-English    11-Feb-11
Canada-French    11-Feb-11

Latin/South America
Argentina               24-Mar-11
Brazil                        25-Mar-11
Chile                         31-Mar-11
Colombia                25-Mar-11
Mexico                    25-Mar-11
Panama                   25-Mar-11
Peru                          24-Mar-11
Venezuela              25-Mar-11

Middle East / Africa
Egypt                                  TBC (to be confirmed)
Israel                                  TBC
Lebanon                            TBC
South Africa                    TBC
United Arab Emirates TBC

Asia Pacific
Australia                   7-Apr-11
Hong Kong                TBC
India                          TBC
Indonesia                 13-Apr-11
Japan                         TBC
Korea                         TBC
Singapore                 14-Apr-11
Malaysia                   14-Apr-11
New Zealand           14-Apr-11
Philippines              23-Mar-11
Taiwan                      TBC
Thailand                   TBC

Austria                      17-Mar-11
Belgium                    13-Apr-11
Croatia                       TBC
Cyprus                       TBC
Czech Republic      TBC
Slovakia                    TBC
Denmark                  7-Apr-11
Finland                     TBC
France                      20-Apr-11
Germany                 17-Mar-11
Greece                      TBC
Hungary                  TBC
Iceland                     18-Mar-11
Ireland                     1-Apr-11
Italy                          13-Apr-11
Netherlands           14-Apr-11
Norway                     6-Apr-11
Poland                       TBC
Portugal                    TBC
Romania                   TBC
Russia                        11-Mar-11

Serbia Montenegro    TBC
Slovenia                          TBC
Spain                                15-Apr-11
Sweden                            6-Apr-11

Switzerland-French   20-Apr-11
Switzerland-German 14-Apr-11
Switzerland-Italian   13-Apr-11

Turkey                        TBC
Ukraine                       TBC
United Kingdom        1-Apr-11

Justin Bieber’s Movie


Hey Bieber Babes,

So Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I am so busy. I JUST finished my school certificate exams.

Anyway, we all know Justin’s movie coming out around Valentines Day, but I thought you would all appreciate the trailer for the movie, for those who haven’t seen it already.

I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!!

Check the trailer out:


Justin Bieber Movie


I have some MORE exciting news to tell.

This morning, I found out that he is being filmed when performing in Madison Square Garden, and they are turning that into a 3D movie.

Justin Bieber

Great news Bieber Babes. The movie will be coming out Valentines Day weekend, so all of us that want to spend that lucky love day with our heartthrob, we ALL can 🙂