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Justin Bieber Is Unlike Any Other Pop Star in History


Justin Bieber & Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey recently did an indepth interview with Justin Bieber.

In 1993, Oprah did an interview with Michael Jackson that went live around the world within 24 hours. Since then, she hasn’t done another interview like that—until now. Oprah sat down with multiplatinum superstar Justin Bieber in Chicago for one of the most in-depth interviews the singer has ever agreed to do. Watch as Oprah opens up about their conversation and reveals what sets Justin apart from legends like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Plus, find out what she really wanted to know about Justin.

Watch Oprah’s interview with Justin Bieber on Sunday, November 25, at 9/8c.

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Justin Bieber Is Unlike Any Other Pop Star in History – Oprah’s Next Chapter – Oprah Winfrey Network

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Justin Bieber Interview on 60 Minutes


I have finally been able to upload the episode of 60 Minutes Australia where they interview Justin and we get to see some great behind the scenes footage of his My Worlds tour. I had a bit of trouble trying to reduce the size of the file so it would not take too long to load. This video is also available for viewing on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment or hit the like button on Youtube if you liked watching it. OR why not do both. Enjoy…

Justin Bieber on 60 Minutes Australia


 Hey Bieber Babes,

Good news! Justin is on 60 Minutes tonight (Sunday 3rd April 2011) at 7:30pm on Channel 10

Make sure to tune in to Channel 10 tonight

I will be adding the 60 Minutes clip onto this asap


I have just uploaded the video of Justin on 60 Minutes to our Justin Bieber YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

Justin Bieber – Somebody To Love


ATTENTION Bieber Babes!!

Justin has finally released his ‘Somebody To Love’ video featuring Usher.

I have added the video to my list of lyrics and this post here.
Check it out!!

I am having trouble with my YouTube videos at the moment, so I also added the link down the bottom of the page.

I have also added a behind the scenes video to this page too.

YouTube Preview Image

New Somebody To Love Video Featuring Usher

YouTube Preview Image

Behind The Scenes of the Somebody To Love Video

Links: Click on the below words to transfer to YouTube to see the videos

Behind The Scenes

WINNER of Justin Bieber’s Signed CD


Hey Bieber Babes <3

Sorry to keep you waiting!! 🙁
I know all you Bieber Babes have been SOO eager to find out who won the Justin Bieber ‘My Worlds: Australian Edition’ SIGNED CD.

Thank you everyone for entering my competition. I loved all the entries.
I got SOO many entries and there were so many amazing entries. It was a VERY hard decision to make.

To chose the winner, I had to really think hard about what a true Bieber Babe was. It all came down to how much they loved Justin and their dedication to him and his songs, well actually anything got to do with Justin Bieber.

The WINNER is:                            Sarah Moss
                                                  From Melbourne, Victoria

I called her on Saturday 5th June 201o and started off by tricking her and acting like she hadn’t won the CD. Then when it seemed  like I was about to say she hadn’t won, I paused and screamed out that she was the WINNER!!

OMG!! She freaked out. The reaction from her was exactly what I was hoping for and so much more.
She nearly hyperventilated and was starting to hurt herself because she thought it was a dream, like anyone of us would probably do if we won something this big (I know what it’s like, so I could definately relate to Sarah).

I had to calm her down by also asking her some questions about her love and commitment to Justin. She was so nice and her answers definately showed that she was a true Bieber Babe.

Her entry was:   Even though I haven’t met Justin Bieber yet, I KNOW,
very well, that he has a good heart and is a very down to earth person,
who can always put a smile on my face. I just CAN NOT stop listening to his
songs. They are soothing to my heart. Justin makes me feel better.

I didn’t just chose Sarah because of her entry, but also her dedication towards Justin and even, me and my website.
She was so dedicated that she emailed me, counting down to the end of the competition.
Out of all my emails I get, she definately caught my eye.
After calling her, I was very glad that she won, because her reaction and dedication in everything; that caught my eye; was exactly the person that I wanted to win it.


I had her on speaker the whole time and my mum taped the whole thing. So I will put it on YouTube as soon as possible and add it to this post below.
Today, I also went into 2DayFM and picked up the water glass Justin Bieber drank out of when he was here in Sydney, that I won on the Hot 30 Countdown.
I got to meet Charli and Pagey while I was there and I got alot of photos taken with them, and also with the water glass. Check out my post ‘Justin Bieber’s Water Glass’ to find out all about it and to see the photos.
Anyway, I printed out 3 photos of Charli and Pagey with Justin Bieber for them to sign.
I got one directly signed to me and one directly signed to Sarah. I rang and told her all about it tonight because she listens to Hot 30 Countdown every night and requests Justin’s songs.

When I told her, she was over-the-moon. I am going to send the Signed CD along with the Signed Charli and Pagey photo to Sarah very soon.

AND, I got some VERY good news for you fellow Bieber Babes.
I don’t know if you noticed, but I said I got 3 photos signed. One for me, another for Sarah, and the third for ONE of you Bieber Babes.

Charli, Pagey with Justin Bieber Photo SIGNED

Just keep checking my website for more updates.
I will make a new post as soon as possible about how you can win the SIGNED photo of Charli and Pagey.

Anyway, Sarah is going to send me a picture of her after I rang and after she gets the CD and signed photo of Charli and Pagey.
AND, the phone call I had with her will be on YouTube and my website as soon as I have time to upload it.

TigerBeat Interview


This is a short interview for you guys. You can find this interview in the November 2009 issue of Tiger Beat.
Tiger Beat Magazine interviewed Justin Bieber about his video to his song
“One Time” and Justin’s stories and life behind writing the songs:

TigerBeat: Hey Justin! How are you? We love your new song “One Time”

Justin: Thanks! It was so much fun making the video with Usher. He’s awesome!

TigerBeat: Tell us about the video. Is that your real best friend in the beginning?

Justin: Yes, that’s my best friend Ryan. We’ve been friends since we were little. We played
hockey together and went to school together.

TigerBeat: Did you pick the girl in the video?

Justin: Yes, they let me pick! I like a girl with a nice smile and eyes.

TigerBeat: What inspires you the most when you’re writing your songs?

Justin: Girls! I like to write about girls!

TigerBeat: Awesome! Well thanks for hanging with us, Justin!

Justin: Thanks so much! You guys rock!

Original Source: TigerBeat Magazine Nov 2009

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