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Hey Bieber Babes,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but as I posted before, my grandfather just passed away, so we were in Queensland planning the funeral and we also decided to stay with the family for christmas.
It was a nice christmas because I dont remember the last time the whole family was all together. Probably like 2002 lol

Anyway, after we  left, we took like an 8 hour in total to Hervey Bay to visit my other grandfather, because he is on his death bed too, so that was probably the last time I am going to see him too. But this grandfather just wants to die, so we tried our best to help him out.

But, the positive part of being up there was meeting my fans. You see, Hervey Bay is a small town, so to these kids, I am seriously like a celebrity.

My dad talked to these girls one time when he was doing the gardening for his father, and my grandfather’s carer came out and asked if they liked Justin Bieber. There were two girls and 1 boy there. The boy and one of the girls liked Justin.
By the time my father told them all about my Justin Bieber success, this other girl liked Justin Bieber too.
Justin should thank us for an extension on his fan base lol

Anyway, after I met these girls and 1 boy (eventually) and answered their questions, we took photos together.
Now, this feeling of taking photos with these girls would feel really normal to anyone else, but my feeling was a feeling you cannot describe and not a lot of people experience.
A feeling of celebritism & value. It was the best and most precious feeling in the whole entire world 🙂

After the photos were taken, we printed them out and the girls and boy wanted me to sign them. It was the greatest day of their life, and another fantastic experience put into my book 🙂

Well, I promised these girls and boy that I’d put these pictures on the website, and I also thought the rest of you Bieber Babes would love to see these photos too. Please enjoy!
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PHOTOS – Justin Bieber HOT


Check out these HOT photos of Justin below.
You’ll love them 🙂
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PHOTOS – Justin at Sea World San Diego


Check out these cool photos of our babe having a blast with his new FAVOURITE GIRL 🙂 lol
At Sea World in San Diego
Check them out! <3

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