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Justin Bieber Contest


Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is going to be in Vancouver on Wednesday 10 October 2012 @ 7:00 PM Rogers Arena

Vancouver Ticket is looking for Justin Bieber’s biggest fans. Send photos to their myspace or facebook

Send them a photo of you being a fan and they’ll post them on their Myspace and Facebook page.
Than you have people leave comments of your photo and the one with the most will win! That’s what you win, being in the spotlight as the biggest fan!
They’ll also give you a copy of his new CD “Believe”.
You must be a Myspace friend, Twitter follower or like their fan page on Facebook.

Vancouver Ticket’s Twitter page 

Vancouver Ticket’s Myspace page

Vancouver Ticket’s Facebook page

SIGNED CD Competition


Another thing I wanted to clear up here on my website, because of all the constant emails, and me having to reply the same thing to all of you.

So sorry to say, but the signed cd competition is FINISHED and has been GIVEN AWAY 🙁

So sorry

Better luck for the next competition Bieber Babes

Love Lozza <3

Love Lozza from <3

Want to meet Justin Bieber?


Want to meet Justin Bieber?

Well you can!!

Check out this website, and you can win VIP tickets to see Justin live in Europe 2011

Everything is paid for, if you win

This website also has more really cool competitions you can win. Go check it out!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Water Glass


Hey Bieber Babes,

I had the BEST day today.
Some of you might not know but I won a water glass which Justin Bieber drank from while he was here in Sydney, through the Hot 30 Countdown on 2DayFM.

Charli and Pagey announced it as a competition about 1-2 weeks after Justin left Sydney, Australia.
I was on the radio that night, after just making a phone call to enter the competition. I guess, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

They were just going to deliver it once it was all professionally framed and everything, but after I met Justin Bieber in April, Charli and Pagey were there to interview each of us as we came out, and I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get a photo taken with both of them or an autograph. I hadn’t seen Charli since I was about 7 years old, when I liked Hi-5, so this was a very big deal to me.

We organised with them, to come into 2Day FM again to pick it up and to have some quality time with Charli and Pagey.
It took a while to organise it, but it was worth it in the end.
Even though Charli and Pagey are there nearly every night, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have time to talk to me.

So, on Tuesday 8th June 2010, a guy who organises the competitions at 2Day FM, gave my mum and I a call and said that we could come in on Thursday 10th April 2010 at 3:30pm.

My mum ended off just giving me a day off from school because we had plenty to do in the morning anyway, before we headed off into the city into 2Day FM.

While I was waiting at the reception desk, Pagey just walked in, like anyone would, walking into work. He swiped his access card to go behind the glass into the offices. I could see Pagey walk halfway in and started talking to Charli.
They both headed out and gave me big hugs. I loved it.

My mum took plentyof pictures of us 3 and there was even a professional photographer that came out to take pictures once they gave me the water glass.
Now, it took about 2 months for the frame of the water glass to be done, and I started wondering ‘Why is it taking so long?’ I thought it was just going to be a perspex frame around the glass, but it was so much more than that, and I am so glad it was.
They went through so much time and effort into making the frame and everything spectacular. They even found my picture with Justin and placed it in there.
It wasn’t just the water glass.

I also got Charli and Pagey to sign 3 photos of them with Justin. One for me, one for the winner of my SIGNED Justin Bieber CD, and the third to one lucky viewer on my website. To win, just watch out for a new post soon about how you can win this exclusive-rare signed photo of Charli and Pagey from Hot 30 Countdown.

Signed Charli & Pagey (with Justin Bieber) photo

Someone working at 2Day FM helped us carry it down to our car. They wrapped the frame up really well to protect it, and removed the glass from the frame and wrapped it up separately to place into a separate box. The masterpiece was safely in my arms 🙂

Except meeting Justin, it was one of the best days of my life. Unlike meeting Justin, I got to take away a piece of him, and photos with my other role models.
Check out the photos below.

[nggallery id=8]

WINNER of Justin Bieber’s Signed CD


Hey Bieber Babes <3

Sorry to keep you waiting!! 🙁
I know all you Bieber Babes have been SOO eager to find out who won the Justin Bieber ‘My Worlds: Australian Edition’ SIGNED CD.

Thank you everyone for entering my competition. I loved all the entries.
I got SOO many entries and there were so many amazing entries. It was a VERY hard decision to make.

To chose the winner, I had to really think hard about what a true Bieber Babe was. It all came down to how much they loved Justin and their dedication to him and his songs, well actually anything got to do with Justin Bieber.

The WINNER is:                            Sarah Moss
                                                  From Melbourne, Victoria

I called her on Saturday 5th June 201o and started off by tricking her and acting like she hadn’t won the CD. Then when it seemed  like I was about to say she hadn’t won, I paused and screamed out that she was the WINNER!!

OMG!! She freaked out. The reaction from her was exactly what I was hoping for and so much more.
She nearly hyperventilated and was starting to hurt herself because she thought it was a dream, like anyone of us would probably do if we won something this big (I know what it’s like, so I could definately relate to Sarah).

I had to calm her down by also asking her some questions about her love and commitment to Justin. She was so nice and her answers definately showed that she was a true Bieber Babe.

Her entry was:   Even though I haven’t met Justin Bieber yet, I KNOW,
very well, that he has a good heart and is a very down to earth person,
who can always put a smile on my face. I just CAN NOT stop listening to his
songs. They are soothing to my heart. Justin makes me feel better.

I didn’t just chose Sarah because of her entry, but also her dedication towards Justin and even, me and my website.
She was so dedicated that she emailed me, counting down to the end of the competition.
Out of all my emails I get, she definately caught my eye.
After calling her, I was very glad that she won, because her reaction and dedication in everything; that caught my eye; was exactly the person that I wanted to win it.


I had her on speaker the whole time and my mum taped the whole thing. So I will put it on YouTube as soon as possible and add it to this post below.
Today, I also went into 2DayFM and picked up the water glass Justin Bieber drank out of when he was here in Sydney, that I won on the Hot 30 Countdown.
I got to meet Charli and Pagey while I was there and I got alot of photos taken with them, and also with the water glass. Check out my post ‘Justin Bieber’s Water Glass’ to find out all about it and to see the photos.
Anyway, I printed out 3 photos of Charli and Pagey with Justin Bieber for them to sign.
I got one directly signed to me and one directly signed to Sarah. I rang and told her all about it tonight because she listens to Hot 30 Countdown every night and requests Justin’s songs.

When I told her, she was over-the-moon. I am going to send the Signed CD along with the Signed Charli and Pagey photo to Sarah very soon.

AND, I got some VERY good news for you fellow Bieber Babes.
I don’t know if you noticed, but I said I got 3 photos signed. One for me, another for Sarah, and the third for ONE of you Bieber Babes.

Charli, Pagey with Justin Bieber Photo SIGNED

Just keep checking my website for more updates.
I will make a new post as soon as possible about how you can win the SIGNED photo of Charli and Pagey.

Anyway, Sarah is going to send me a picture of her after I rang and after she gets the CD and signed photo of Charli and Pagey.
AND, the phone call I had with her will be on YouTube and my website as soon as I have time to upload it.

Canadian Competition


ATTENTION all Bieber Babes!!

You could win a 5 minute phone call from Justin Bieber and Tickets to see him live.

Unfortunately, you have to be a Canadian resident, so if you don’t live in Canada, you can not enter 🙁
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so click on the below link, and check it out.

Justin Bieber Comp

What would you say to Justin Bieber?


Ever since I found out I am going to go see Justin Bieber when he comes to Sydney, I have thought about nothing else. I got my hair done, I’ve chosen my outfit, and then I got to thinking, OMG! What am I going to say to Justin when I go meet him?

Now, knowing me, if I don’t think of something cool to say now, I will end up standing in front of him to scared to open my mouth in case I say something stupid. Then my moment will be gone and I will have missed out on a one-on-one conversation with Justin. Oh! It’s moments like that, that nightmares are made of.

So, I then started thinking about all my fellow Bieber Babes who would love a chance to talk too Justin one on one too, and I wondered what they would say. So, here is your chance. I want to know what would you say to Justin Bieber if you could meet him in the flesh and have a one-on-one moment with him.
Just email me at or comment on this page.

Justin Bieber

Now, I will choose the coolest answer out of all of them and I will get my mum to video tape me speaking your words to Justin, and then I will put it on my website and on YouTube for all the world to see. So, it will be like you were there saying those words to Justin, and you will get to hear and see his response yourself. How cool is that!

So come on fellow Bieber Babes, leave a comment or email me and tell me what you would say to Justin if you could look into those beautiful brown eyes of his.

Till then, remember to always be a Bieber Babe.

Win a Signed Copy of Justin Bieber’s ‘My World 2.0’ CD


I am SO EXCITED! I just had to share the news with my friends and fellow Bieber Babes.

I got to meet Justin Bieber on Tuesday 27th April 2010 while he was here in Sydney Australia via a meet and greet I won on 2DayFM (a radio station here in Sydney).  During the meeting my mum mentioned we were giving away a copy of his CD ‘My World 2.0’ (or My Worlds as it is known here in Australia), and Justin said “Oh that is so nice of you”, and he graciously
signed the extra copy for me, so I could make another Bieber Babe’s dream come true.  Here is a scan of the actual cover.

Justin Bieber Autographed CD

And YOU could WIN it!!!

Just email me at
and tell me in 50 words or less ‘What makes you a Bieber Babe?’ and I’ll pick the best and most creative answer (in my opinion).
I will put the winning entry up on my website for everyone to see.
(Note: I increased it to 50 words because my fellow bieber babes were having trouble narrowing down their feelings to just 25 words. I think all the entries were over 50 words. But now that is the limit).

All emails need to be received by midnight (Sydney, Australia time) on Monday 31st May.

Back of Justin Bieber Autographed CD

 Please note, this is a real original Australian version of Justin Bieber’s My Worlds CD and it was signed by Justin Bieber while I watched. This is not a fake or a printed copy, but the real thing from his own hand. A real collectible and a piece of Justin. I already have my own signed copy and I just wanted to make someone else’s dream come true too. So if you want a personally autographed copy of Justin Bieber’s new CD My Worlds (Australian version) email me your thoughts and feelings and don’t hold back. Remember to follow me on twitter and bookmark this webpage to keep up to date with what Justin is doing and ways that you could meet him too.  Remember I saw him twice in Australia and met him up close and personal before he left and with this CD you can be a part of it too. Good Luck, Lozza.

FREE Justin Bieber stuff


I am so grateful to all you Bieber Babe’s for the support you have shown me and my website. So I thought I would reward you all for your dedication.

Each month (and maybe more often than that) I am going to announce the release of a some cool FREE stuff – all related to our guy, Justin Bieber. Sometime it will be something you can just download and print out, other times it will be a free sample or giveaway.

To receive all this great stuff FREE, you just need to join my FREE Justin Bieber Babe Club. It’s FREE too. I have added a link at the bottom of this page.

This month I am starting with a great wall calendar you can print out and hang somewhere you can see Justin every day. I have mine near my desk, where I can look into those beautiful brown eyes.

To get your FREE Justin Bieber calendar, just click on the link below and enter your name and email address, so I can send you the link.  Please be assured I will not give your email address to anyone else, and I will not email you with spam. I will only email you when I have found something cool for you that is related to Justin Bieber.

Enjoy with my thanks and gratitude.

UPDATE: I’ve just uploaded the calendar for September 2010. have you got yours yet? If not, just join the Bieber Babe Club by filling in your details below (I will never share them with anyone else, promise), and you will be taken to the special download page. You will love the photos in this month’s calendar. So gorgeous. PLUS I am working on something really GREAT for later in the month. Can’t wait to share with you all. Till then enjoy! Lozza <3