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NEWSFLASH – New Bieber Store now open


Today is the second most exciting day of my life, after meeting Justin himself. Today is the launch of my new online BIEBER STORE, dedicated to only Justin Bieber products.

PLUS all the profits are going to Justin’s charity of choice, Pencils of Promise, AND when I send the donation I will be including a list of all the Bieber Babes that made it happen, so Justin will know you participated in this life changing event. To keep up with how the fundraising is going hop over to my page dedicated to PENCILS OF PROMISE.

Step inside and surround yourself with all things JUSTIN.

$1,000 DONATION Thermometer – How are we doing?


We are chipping away at our goal of sending $1,000 to Pencils of Promise in Justin’s honour. Little bit by little bit we are getting closer to our goal of sponsoring a school for 5 years in an underdeveloped country.

Each week I will be updating this thermometer to keep you up to date with how we are going. If you want to help you can donate to the cause by clicking the Paypal donate button at the bottom of this page, or you can purchase your Justin Bieber CDs, Posters, Calendars, TShirts, jewellery, concert tickets as more from our BIEBER STORE. How do you get to the Bieber Store? Just click the link on the top right hand corner of this page.

If you have friends at school or in your neighbourhood who love Justin and want to make this goal a reality, why not band together to have a fundraiser yourself. I could really do with the help. I will put up a separate post with some ideas and information to get you started, very soon. $1,000 is not a lot of money for us to raise if we each do a little bit. Remember their a millions of Bieber Babes in the world and together we can make a difference.

You can touch Justin’s heart in a very special way by getting involved in this fundraiser. When we reach $1,000 I am going to send a list of name (surnames will be withheld for privacy reasons) and what country in the world you are from, with the donation so Justin will know we were the ones that made a difference.

My ultimate goal is to then move on to donating enough money to build a classroom in Justin’s name. To do that we only need $10,000. I know we Bieber babes can do this.

If you would like to make a donation now, you can do so through paypal.

Bookmark this page and check back next week to see how we are doing.

Justin Bieber’s Charity – Pencils of Promise


I have always believed in giving more than you recieve, and obviously Justin does to. The charity he is associating himself with is PENCILS OF PROMISE. (see video below)

YouTube Preview Image

When I first heard about Pencils of Promise I thought ‘what is that?’. I had never heard of it before, and I am sure many of you haven’t either. So let me fill you in:

Pencils of Promise (PoP) began with a $25 bank deposit by Founder Adam Braun and a simple desire to build just one school in the developing world. In less than two years, PoP has grown into an international movement of over 40,000 (more, once the Bieber Babes get on board) committed supporters who are collectively demonstrating that every person has the resounding capacity to create good. To prove this, each of their first three schools was entirely funded by donations of less than $50 by students and young professionals from across the globe.

They do not preach Western ideals onto indigenous cultures. Their approach is one of collaborative support, listening to and working alongside each community to create self-sustaining projects that the families of each village build and maintain themselves. They also place a special focus on training and empowering females to become role models for young girls in rural communities. All of their PoP Coordinators are local women, who work with Education Ministry officials to close the gender gap and support the students within each school they build.

As young people ourselves, this is a very worthy course and as a group, gives us a voice. Bieber Babes can change the world. We have done so by supporting Justin and his career. Let’s now take it a step further and show everyone that we are here to do good.

I am starting the ball rolling by donating all money I earn from this website to this charity and I ask that you support me and Justin, in helping this charity become world known. When your next birthday comes up, let all your family and friends know what you want from the Bieber store; buy your music and other items through my Bieber store; show your support for Justin and Pencils of Promise by shopping here. I don’t keep the money I earn. It ALL goes to Pencils of Promise. I donate 100% of the donations. Please stand behind me in what I am trying to do.

So, what am I trying to achieve by doing this? Well obviously I want to meet Justin again. I was lucky enought to meet him for a short time in April 2010 when he came to Sydney. But I want to get to know the real Justin Bieber. I want to interview him like no one else has. I want to ask him the same questions you want to know, not the ones the adult interviewers are asking him. We have our own questions! If I get this opportunity I will ask him the questions you guys want to know (add your questions here now) and then I will put a video up for you all to see.

Are you ready to change the world, and touch Justin at the same time. If so, join me by doing your Bieber Buying here in our Bieber store.

It is my first goal to donate $1,000 to Pencils of Promise and I will put a thermometer up on this post to keep you up to date with how our money raising is going. You can also help by donating whatever you can afford by clicking on the donate button below, and making your payment through paypal (Please check with your parents first).

Remember, Bieber babes WE HAVE THE POWER to make this happen.