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Has Justin Bieber died?


Justin Bieber

Good news! Justin Bieber has not died!!

But thousands of Twitter users were AGAIN tweeting “RIP” about Bieber yesterday.

The singer has been made the victim of death hoaxes in the past, notably in 2011 when hundreds of thousands of people thought he died after a similar rumor spread via Twitter.

Bieber wrote: “IM DEAD!!!?!? again!?!?” referring to the false rumors.

Yesterday, Bieber made several tweets:

“A little sunshine never hurt anybody. I got some big things planned.”

“Making the best music I have ever made.” – he added about an hour later.

Despite his updates, users were still tweeting “RIP” and “#RIPJustinBieber” was trending in some places.

Justin Bieber in Dublin, Ireland


Justin Bieber


Justin arriving at Dublin Airport (DUB) for the European Leg of the Believe Tour. He will be performing at the O2 Arena in Dublin 17th and 18th, before moving on to perform in the UK.

According to reports, One Direction’s Niall Horan has got a few friends’ tickets  (Darragh, Sean and Dylan) to watch Justin perform in Dublin.

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Bieber Fever Hits Australia Again


Justin Bieber
The pop star arrived in the city on Sunday after departing Malaysia, where he performed at the MTV World Stage Live on Saturday.

“Hate these long flights, but worth it to see my fans in Australia,” Bieber tweeted.

The teen idol is in Australia for a three-day tour to promote his new album Believe.

Security is on lockdown with Bieber’s record label Universal Music offering few details about the trip, which will include appearances on Australia’s Got Talent, Sunrise and Channel [V].

Despite the secrecy surrounding the star’s whirlwind tour of Melbourne and Sydney, it didn’t take his dedicated fans long to figure out where Bieber was hiding out after arriving Down Under.


A crowd started gathering at the stylish hotel after news of Bieber’s arrival was broadcast on Twitter.


“Justin’s at the Olsen Hotel but fans can’t go in and he won’t come out. You could always climb the walls like spiderman or wait it out,” another fan tweeted in excitement.

The first photographs of Bieber in Australia have also appeared online. A series of six photos on fan website, show the teen pop star, dressed in a grey hoodie, posing with fans at what appears to be an airport.

Another snap on photo-sharing site Instagram shows Bieber walking through the foyer of The Olsen.

Last time the Canadian star visited – in April 2010 – it was pandemonium. A planned free concert, put on by the Seven Network’s Sunrise program at Sydney’s Circular Quay was cancelled due to overcrowding.

As hordes of teenagers surged forward, things got so dangerous that Bieber pleaded with them to go home.

The television network is taking no chances this time, promising beefed-up security to safeguard Bieber’s Sunrise appearance on Wednesday morning.

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Justin Bieber Says He Could Shock His Parents, But He Chooses Not To


Justin Bieber & Pattie Mallette
In a recent interview Justin Bieber revealed that since he is 18-years-old he can rebel against his parents, but he chooses not to. He said:

I am a man now. I’ve become more mature and a whole lot more grown up. I am an adult now, and that gives me more freedom. I don’t have to listen to what my parents tell me anymore. But I still obey my parents. But I don’t have to. I could shock them, too. If I really wanted to do something that they would not agree with, then I could do that now. Somehow that’s reassuring. 

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