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SIGNED CD Competition


Another thing I wanted to clear up here on my website, because of all the constant emails, and me having to reply the same thing to all of you.

So sorry to say, but the signed cd competition is FINISHED and has been GIVEN AWAY 🙁

So sorry

Better luck for the next competition Bieber Babes

Love Lozza <3

Love Lozza from <3

NOT the Real Justin Bieber


I would like to clear some things up

A lot of you have been emailing me and asking if I am the real Justin Bieber

And obviously I want to clear it up here on my website so I dont have to keep saying the same thing to everyone.

I am NOT the real Justin Bieber.
I am just a fan who has made a website about him, and I have also met him at a meet and greet in Sydney last year

Lack of Posts


Hey Bieber Babes,

I am SOOOO sorry for the lack of post and lack of response from my email

I have been REALLY busy

Just started Year 11, and since my 2 grandfathers passed away in the period of 2 months, I’ve had to catch up on my school work and everything.

I really havent even had time to even think of my website or my emails :/

So sorry 🙁

Love Lozza <3

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Justin Bieber Fans


Hey Bieber Babes,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but as I posted before, my grandfather just passed away, so we were in Queensland planning the funeral and we also decided to stay with the family for christmas.
It was a nice christmas because I dont remember the last time the whole family was all together. Probably like 2002 lol

Anyway, after we  left, we took like an 8 hour in total to Hervey Bay to visit my other grandfather, because he is on his death bed too, so that was probably the last time I am going to see him too. But this grandfather just wants to die, so we tried our best to help him out.

But, the positive part of being up there was meeting my fans. You see, Hervey Bay is a small town, so to these kids, I am seriously like a celebrity.

My dad talked to these girls one time when he was doing the gardening for his father, and my grandfather’s carer came out and asked if they liked Justin Bieber. There were two girls and 1 boy there. The boy and one of the girls liked Justin.
By the time my father told them all about my Justin Bieber success, this other girl liked Justin Bieber too.
Justin should thank us for an extension on his fan base lol

Anyway, after I met these girls and 1 boy (eventually) and answered their questions, we took photos together.
Now, this feeling of taking photos with these girls would feel really normal to anyone else, but my feeling was a feeling you cannot describe and not a lot of people experience.
A feeling of celebritism & value. It was the best and most precious feeling in the whole entire world 🙂

After the photos were taken, we printed them out and the girls and boy wanted me to sign them. It was the greatest day of their life, and another fantastic experience put into my book 🙂

Well, I promised these girls and boy that I’d put these pictures on the website, and I also thought the rest of you Bieber Babes would love to see these photos too. Please enjoy!
[nggallery id=14]

To Bieber Babes


Bieber Babes,

I am SOOO sorry that I haven’t added anything to my website for a while. I have just been so busy lately.
I have just finished my school holidays and now back to my everyday schedule, so that consists of updating my website, I promise.

I hope all of you Bieber Babes are enjoying your lives fulled with everything Justin Bieber related as possible 🙂

So sorry I haven’t been apart of it recently. I promise I will a lot more now.

Justin Bieber & Usher

The Winner of the Justin Bieber Signed CD


So sorry for this late post.
Do you Bieber Babes remember Sarah? The Winner of the Justin Bieber Signed CD I had as a competition here at

Well, I just thought I better put the picture up of Sarah with the Signed CD.
She actually got some extras too. She is a fan of Hot 30 Countdown on 2Day FM, so when I went to go meet Charli and Pagey, I got them to sign a photo directly to Sarah.
And Sarah is such a fan of mine, that I also signed my photo with Justin.

When the package finally arrived in the mail, she immediately emailed me and said Thank You.
She was so appreciative.

Her picture is below. Please enjoy!


Thanks Sarah for supplying the photo 🙂
Love Lozza xoxo <3

PHOTOS – Bieber Belongings


Hey Bieber Babes,

So sorry I haven’t added a new post for a while.
This post is something I have promised.

A while ago I asked you fellow Bieber Babes to send me your photos of you with your Bieber Belongings, to show Justin how much we all love him.

If you haven’t already, send me your photos to, and I will add them to my website 🙂

Other than that, here are the ones I have gotten so far

[nggallery id=11]



Hey Bieber Babes,

I thought I would show you my latest YouTube Videos.
I also love to support Usher, as well as Justin, by dancing to his music too. If you like my dancing style please leave me a comment, and look out for my next dance video by subscribing to my channel on YouTube, by typing in the YouTube search ‘BieberBabeFevr’.

Click the below links to check them out.

Bieber Babe Dancing to Usher OMG

Bieber Babe Dancing to Usher Yeah

Justin Bieber Tweets


All us Bieber Babes know that Justin uses Twitter as a way of communicating with his fans.
I checked his twitter the other day, and there was a few tweets that just touched my heart, and I thought I owed you fellow Bieber Babes the chance to check them out if you haven’t already. They are right below:

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘One of the greatest things about my fans is that they are united. It isn’t about hate or jealousy with them. It is about supporting each other’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘Just like they share in my successes, I share in theirs. One of us win and we all do. Not gonna lie but this movement has become a family’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘I hear everyday how many of you have met through this, and how this all started. Music brings people together and that is what I am proudest of’

Justin Bieber Dot Point‘So thanks for all the support and know I really do appreciate everything. We are doing this together. Thanks’

Now you can see how much it touched my heart. I hope it has touched yours too.

This is what keeps me going. I love making other people’s dreams come true and making them happy. I enjoy making this website something that everyone loves.

So, let’s continue to show Justin how united we all are and how much we love him and support each other.
You fellow Bieber Babes can start by continuing to read new posts on my website.

Please leave only positive comments on this page and let’s see how many we can get just on THIS page.

Come on Bieber Babes. Let’s show Justin our love for him and each other 🙂 <3

Spread the ‘Bieber Babe Love’ <3

Justin Bieber

One of the recent tweets of Justin’s is:
 Justin Bieber Dot PointBottom line is I luv all of u out there around the world and feel blessed 2 have ur support. 2011 we are taking the MY WORLD tour WORLDWIDE!

Justin Bieber’s Water Glass


Hey Bieber Babes,

I had the BEST day today.
Some of you might not know but I won a water glass which Justin Bieber drank from while he was here in Sydney, through the Hot 30 Countdown on 2DayFM.

Charli and Pagey announced it as a competition about 1-2 weeks after Justin left Sydney, Australia.
I was on the radio that night, after just making a phone call to enter the competition. I guess, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

They were just going to deliver it once it was all professionally framed and everything, but after I met Justin Bieber in April, Charli and Pagey were there to interview each of us as we came out, and I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get a photo taken with both of them or an autograph. I hadn’t seen Charli since I was about 7 years old, when I liked Hi-5, so this was a very big deal to me.

We organised with them, to come into 2Day FM again to pick it up and to have some quality time with Charli and Pagey.
It took a while to organise it, but it was worth it in the end.
Even though Charli and Pagey are there nearly every night, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have time to talk to me.

So, on Tuesday 8th June 2010, a guy who organises the competitions at 2Day FM, gave my mum and I a call and said that we could come in on Thursday 10th April 2010 at 3:30pm.

My mum ended off just giving me a day off from school because we had plenty to do in the morning anyway, before we headed off into the city into 2Day FM.

While I was waiting at the reception desk, Pagey just walked in, like anyone would, walking into work. He swiped his access card to go behind the glass into the offices. I could see Pagey walk halfway in and started talking to Charli.
They both headed out and gave me big hugs. I loved it.

My mum took plentyof pictures of us 3 and there was even a professional photographer that came out to take pictures once they gave me the water glass.
Now, it took about 2 months for the frame of the water glass to be done, and I started wondering ‘Why is it taking so long?’ I thought it was just going to be a perspex frame around the glass, but it was so much more than that, and I am so glad it was.
They went through so much time and effort into making the frame and everything spectacular. They even found my picture with Justin and placed it in there.
It wasn’t just the water glass.

I also got Charli and Pagey to sign 3 photos of them with Justin. One for me, one for the winner of my SIGNED Justin Bieber CD, and the third to one lucky viewer on my website. To win, just watch out for a new post soon about how you can win this exclusive-rare signed photo of Charli and Pagey from Hot 30 Countdown.

Signed Charli & Pagey (with Justin Bieber) photo

Someone working at 2Day FM helped us carry it down to our car. They wrapped the frame up really well to protect it, and removed the glass from the frame and wrapped it up separately to place into a separate box. The masterpiece was safely in my arms 🙂

Except meeting Justin, it was one of the best days of my life. Unlike meeting Justin, I got to take away a piece of him, and photos with my other role models.
Check out the photos below.

[nggallery id=8]

Bieber Babe Dedication


I love when fans go over the top. I love when they go overboard and stand out from the crowd.
Keep it up Bieber Babes.
Justin really appreciates it.
If you have something to show me, that shows that you are a true Bieber Babe, and you have stood outside the crowd and done something different, comment on this page or email me at

and show me. (attach a link maybe. Whatever suits you)

Below is an example of over-the-top Bieber Babe dedication. I love it. I hope you fellow Bieber Babes do too. <3 [youtube][/youtube]