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Justin Bieber Banned From Miami Clubs


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has reportedly been banned from Miami’s top nightclubs.

Bieber and his entourage’s party plans didn’t go as planned over the weekend, as they were allegedly denied access to the city’s biggest hotspots, including LIV, Story and Adoré.

A source has been his team rang ahead to reserve tables but the clubs’ managers refused to let them in as Bieber is one year under the legal age.

The clubs also think the star is too much trouble, as the last time he had party plans, he was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving without a valid licence.

Justin’s DUI resulted in a lot of negative press. Some clubs offered to let him in if he agreed to perform but he declined.

As a result, Justin was forced to enjoy a low-key night out at Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge in the city.

Justin Bieber is set to appear in court again on May 5.

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